Thursday, January 5, 2017

Videos of Latin Rosaries

Video's of Latin Rosaries

I use these for practice. I attempted to find videos to help me practice.The first video by the Franciscan Friars functions as repetition. I consider it a hard training aid.

It takes a minute for the videos to show up.

Pray the Rosary in Latin Here and Now

The next video has all four Mysteries from which to chose. Unfortunately, you have to stop each one when you finish as the autoplay, one by one. I find it the friendliest.

Sanctum Rosarium

In June 2015 I set of goal of learning the Rosary in Latin. I gave myself one year. I wanted to think in Latin.  I fond that repetition worked when I attempted to learn any language. You may become saturated by monotony, but you will need to press through if you wish to become fluent.

I found an unused copy of Rosetta Stone's Latin course - basically unused with headphones and so forth on eBay for $33. I also found a copy of Wheelock's Latin 7th Edition* by using search engine.  That helped tremendously.

A helpful site on the Internet is Thesaurus Precum Latinarum. I found it when searching on Google. I consider it the most user-friendly and comprehensive site on the Rosary anywhere. That's just my experience, and I don't have the final word on it.

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*by Richard A. Lafleur, Richard Lafleur, Frederic M. Wheelock
Paperback, 608 Pages, Published 2011 by Collins Reference
ISBN-13: 978-0-06-199722-8, ISBN: 0-06-199722-6