Monday, November 28, 2016

Dance with a Stranger Lyrics, Link Historic Background

Musical Performance for Dance with a Stranger

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I wrote this song while playing around with a few chords. During a change, I bent a note on the D-string upward. I liked the rift and eventually added a bridge.

The lick allowed me to squeeze four chords into the space of three. I also lifted my second finger up and down on the small e-string when I changed to a D-chord.

I continued strumming through the changes until they stuck and the words came along on their own.

We took it into the studio. I wanted to make it 100% acoustic, but my co-producer mic'd his violin. The engineer wanted to add a drummer; then everything got electric, and my stylized voice didn't fit. I don't do country.

I brought Stephanie Johnson from Dallas to start a vocal track, and we finished off the song as it stands. Stephanie changed a few words, but she got zero mechanicals.

The lyrics follow:

Dance with a Stranger


Across the crowded room
You find someone who reminds you of
Someone you used to love
Not too long ago

It's dark inside that room
The lights are low, and you won't take a chance
Not even one slow dance
Not with a stranger


Will you take a chance
Will you dance
Will you dance with a stranger
Young love was easy
But now you're experienced
And skeptical
You wonder if it's possible
To ever love again
To even find a friend
Be there to the end
And never be lonely again


He walks across that crowded room
He takes his time
And all the while he stares
Then he whispers in your ear
Do you have the time to talk with me a while

It all begins with a smile
And here is all I have to say
Sometimes love slips away
And that's the price we have to pay
To play this game of love


And isn't that your plan
To never hurt  again
Take this chance
Dance with a stranger
He wants to dance with you